Here is the compendium. It is big, it is bad (and hopefully good) and I hope you all like it. Most players should now have all they need for their role. If not, let ut know. But with one or two exceptions we now plan to focus mainly on the events and practical stuff.

You should also all check out your mailboxes in case there is a mail there from us with even more information.. :)


We hope all of you like the first draft of your character.


We hope you all can gather feedback within the next week and try to send it in one go, so we don’t get hundreds of emails.


You may of course send us emails and questions, but try to gather up in large bulk.


This is a fantastic concept we were introduced to not long ago. All players must bring a goodie bag, an actual bag, or plastic bag or Ralph Lauren bag. And in this bag they should put:
-Some warmsoftgood clothes. The stay at home Sunday clothes;)
-Dry Socks. Whool if you have cold feet.
-Chocolate. If you like that sort of thing. Other candy is also allowed but frowned upon by chocoholics…
-Something that makes you happy. A picture of a puppy. A second plate of chocolate. A warm beer.
Before Larps start we will collect all these goodie bags, and then when the larp finished and we yell CUT THE LARP IS OVER! THE CAKE IS NOT A LIE! Then we go to the debrief and you all get your goodie bag. This means you know that when the larp end you will have a warm set of clothes, socks and some sweet sweet candy at your disposal not long after the end:)

After Larp Party and why you dont have to stay for monday..

Hello everyone.

There has been a lot of talk about after party’s and after after party’s. And although we had a plan of trying to keeping it a surprise, we see now that that is proving impossible due to the many guests from out of town we are getting. So. I will try to explain my thought when starting to make the larp.

For me the after party of the larp is often just as important as the larp itself. Meet good friends and make new ones. Over a beer. Or ten.. But in my experience a lot of the time people miss out on the fun stuff after a larp because they have to go to work the next day, or travel to get home, or they just haven’t allocated the time(kids, jobs, wife’s, mmo’s :P).

So I thought. What if we make a larp that last to Saturday evening ish, and then just have a party afterwords. There are plenty of bed space in the cabins outside of the larp area. Everyone could just move their sleeping arrangements inside. And then everyone that wants can attend the after and after after..

This of course means that you will only get on night in character. But I hope the upsides of actually meeting and spending time with the people behind the roles afterward makes that ok. Also people can go home Sunday and still get the whole package..Also we don’t have to be hung over Monday witch is a plus. And people can still meet up Sunday in Stavanger to grab some food(greasy delicious day after food..) if they want to. But with the feeling that they did not miss out on anything..

I realize now we should have said all this at the start. But we wanted to surprise everyone.

So to sum up. There will be an after party Saturday evening. There will be after after party Saturday night. Everyone can sleep at the location and everyone can take a shower and clean up after the larp.
Bring alkohol.

Hope nobody gets angry for this change. We are still planning to bring you a great larp packed with fun stuff, and in my mind it’s good sense for everyone to sit down over a beer afterwords and talk about how great it was(crosses fingers) :)

Tim – The, until now, Silent Game Master of Doom-

Blue Sun Corporation

Without doubt, the ubiquitous Blue Sun is the richest and most politically connected corporation in the system. Blue Sun is on every planet, in every home—rich and not so rich alike. For all its fame, it is one of the most shadowy institutions in the ‘Verse. The Blue Sun logo is everywhere: on T-shirts, billboards, posters, food cans, etc. The logo has become so much a part of daily life that people don’t even notice it anymore. Blue Sun products are considered essential to a person—like water and breathing. Just look for the Blue Sun label. It’s never difficult to find. The company doesn’t operate retail outlets, but every shop stocks its products. While not the best on the market, Blue Sun products are the most reliable. If you buy Blue Sun, you always know what you’re going to get. There are never any surprises—good, bad, or otherwise. Blue Sun produces a lot of different things, but the company concentrates mainly on the basics of life.   Read More here

Unification War

The War for Unification was the most devastating war in human history. All those who lived through it are marked, like a scar left behind by an old wound. (Just that some happen to have big scars traced all ‘cross their faces while others have tiny ones hidden away.) Outer planets, including Shadow, Persephone, and Hera, mustered forces and formed an alliance of their own—the Independent Faction (known as “Browncoats,” thanks to the  brown dusters their soldiers took to wearing).   Read more here

Life is cheap

They say go and I go
They say do this and I do it
They say gather and I gather
They say sow and I sow
For I am but a common slave and
They a cruel and capricious master

Who cares nothing if I live or die
For my daughters are like sheep and goats
And my sons like camels and oxen
All my children in the fields
Are bent by this burden
And bear the rod of the taskmaster

And at night by the fires
Amid the smoke from the smoldering pots
I pray to the Lord who is my freedom
And my deliverance
Whose reach is greater than the Nile
And whose bounty flows more freely

by Doug Tanoury