Primalry Omens


- the first of the triology spanning 1500 years

This is the summary of the first installment of our Dresden Files LARPS in Norway. We are making a trilogy set in your wonderful universe spanning 1500 years.

This is what happened on our first LARP, set in Stavanger, Norway in the year 515.

LARP 1 – Primalry Omens – 515

Noen bilder fra laiven

Du kan navigere i bildene ved å trykke på pilene, eller trykk på bildet for full størrelse. Vær vennlig å ikke kopiere bildene da disse er private.

Filmer fra laiven


Wali have used the last 30-40 years to set up this family. Every time the Earl has gotten a son, he has promptly been killed by the Fae in white on the top. He has also seduced the Earls wife to ensure there will be some changelings in the family.

All this to ensure that when he could offer him his youngest son (kidnapped, not killed) he and his wife would accept.

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